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American Dollar/Canadian Dollar Trading Signal - USDCAD

Forex Market Price Signals and Analysis

Good evening Traders,

almost at the close of the day on January 03, Lift-Off suggests us a LONG trading signal on USD/CAD


The signal occurs after the green band has been off for a few days, moreover it is the third long signal that the indicator proposes.

It gives signal, however, that the green band is not well tilted to the upside and that the upper volatility band is quite close.

For those who had entered with the first signal, even posted (first green arrow) may not enter.


Below chart of USDCAD- with the signal detected by Lift-Off


Signal board of January 04, 2023


Input price: 1.3672 (current market price and valid any price not too far away even higher)



Remind that the signal has been chosen from those detected by the Lift-Off indicator, visible in the signals area, but the management of the trade will NOT be communicated.

We recommend managing the operations as shown during the professional courses on using the platform available at this link