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Euro/Australian dollar trading signal - EURAUD

Forex market price signals and analysis

Good morning Traders,

With the close of April 21,  Lift-Off confirms a LONG trading signal on EURAUD.


Seeing the strength of Euro against AUD, shown by both price and the ForexForce indicator, a long trade can be opened to try a one-day stretch even (trends in this period are characterized by large retracements and high volatility does not always continue with the next session).

Euro strength can also be seen from the COT, with Large Trader positions very positive (over 164,000 net long positions), compared to positions on AUD which are negative.

The central banks' overnight interest rate between the two countries is also almost identical, 3.5% euro zone, 3.6% Australia, but the latter has stopped raising interest rates unlike the ECB which intends to continue its rise and this pushes to buy euros, as markets always move by expectations.


Below chart of EURAUD - with signal detected by Lift-Off

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Signal chart of April 22, 2023


Input price: 1.6417 (current market price and valid any price that is not too far away)



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