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Netflix trading signal - NFLX

U.S. stock price signals and analysis

Good morning Traders,

With the close on May 17,  Lift-Off confirms a LONG trading signal on the U.S. stock Netflix Inc (Ticker: NFLX) listed on the NASDAQ and part of the S&P500 and NASDAQ index.


The stock closed at USD 339.96 per share, marking a +1.86 percent.

The Nasdaq continues to rise and make new highs, with the big techs approaching highs and also making new all-time highs, Netflix is in a fairly tight congestion and the quarterly reports have already been reported, so we can attempt an upside speculative trade.


Below the chart of Netflix Inc - NFLX- with the signal detected by Lift-Off 

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The company operates in the "Technology Services" industry specifically in the "Internet Services/Software Industry"


Next earnings announcement for Q2 2023: July 17, 2023

Q1 2023 Results

EPS: Reported 2.88/ Expected 2.86/ Previous 0.12

Turnover: Reported 8.16B/ Expected 8.18B/ Previous 7.85B


Financial Overview: The current market capitalization of NFLX is 1151.125B USD. The next earnings release date for Netflix, Inc is July 17. The estimate is $2.85B USD.

Accounts, including revenue, expenses, profit and loss: NFLX's total revenue for the latest quarter is $8.16B USD, up 3.94% from the previous quarter. Net income in Q1 23 is 1.31B USD.

Overview data and accounts source:


May 18, 2023

LONG - Netflix Inc - NFLX

Input price: 339.96 USD (and any opening price, without excessive upside GAP)



Remind that the signal has been chosen from those detected by the Lift-Off indicator, visible in the signals area, but the management of the trade will NOT be communicated.

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